EVE LOM Dynaspot


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Developed after years of research into the cause of blemishes, EVE LOM Dynaspot is your emergency breakout treatment.

Naturally soothing Antiseptic extracts are carefully balanced with Salicylic Acid to help eliminate spots quickly and without drying out the skin. With a universal skin-tone tint, Dynaspot is perfect for use under or over make-up. The result is fast acting, when and where you need it most.


• Quick action and accelerated elimination of breakouts

• Helps to reduce sebum production and doesn't dry out the skin

• Soothes redness and inflammation

• Skin-tone tint for use anytime - under or over makeup

• Ophthalmic nozzle for precise, hygienic topical application

• Suitable for all skin types experiencing breakouts
    10ml, 0.3 fl.oz


    Salicylic Acid & Tea Tree Oil (to help clear the skin)

    Zinc Oxide & Yarrow (help to control sebum production)

    Chamomile (to help soothe and calm inflammation)