About Eve Lom


It started with our Cleanser and our belief that irrespective of age, skin type or skin concern, cleansing with our original and iconic balm is fundamental to achieving a glowing complexion. We believe flawlessly clean and gently exfoliated skin provides the perfect canvas for skincare to perform, allowing us to achieve optimum results for your skin.

With over 30 years of expertise, we utilise the highest quality ingredients in the most active formulations. Combining the best botanicals that nature has to offer with sophisticated science. Our core values lie in creating products that are:


To your skin’s concerns, with effective formulas that treat skin at the deepest level.


Our luxurious formulas encourage mindful application and feel like a daily treat for your skin.


Delivering visible results for your skin.

Having set the template for radiant complexion, our products continue to be sought out worldwide and remain unrivalled in today’s highly competitive market. A multi-award winning brand that continues to be honoured in beauty halls of fame, we remain the ultimate destination for gorgeous, glowing skin.


The pioneering first and most iconic product in our range is the Cleanser. Perfectly encapsulating our beautiful, simple and effective skincare philosophy, the multi-tasking, multi-award winning product is as relevant today as it was a quarter of a century ago and has ultimately changed the way people cleanse; continuing to receive regular awards, high accolade and find new devout followers.

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Based on the principle of perfectly cleansed skin EVE LOM developed a unique massage technique for lymphatic drainage. Designed to be performed when cleansing to relieve tension and leave skin revived and radiant, each Cleanser comes complete with a leaflet detailing this special massage technique and a signature muslin cloth.

As well as a range of celebrated products EVE LOM offers an iconic, one of a kind facial; therapists work with energy flow, connecting on a deeper level through breathing and touch. Trained in the unique massage technique for lymphatic drainage, each facial contains an exclusive hot wax mask to awaken dull, tired and congested skin, acupressure to relieve tension and is entirely bespoke to suit the individual.

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