EVE LOM Brightening Cream 50ML

Brightening Cream 50ML

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Correct pigmentation and boost luminosity to reveal beautifully radiant and even-toned skin. An innovative hydra-cream that combines the unrivalled brightening powers of Dermapep™ with anti-oxidant actives to correct hyperpigmentation, visibly brighten and unify the complexion. Enriched with Rose Otto Oil the revitalising formula increases hydration, restoring the skin’s structure, whilst combating oxidative stresses that cause premature ageing and dark spots.

Suitable for all skin types. We especially recommend for those concerned with pigmentation or uneven skin tone and lack of radiance, or to prevent early signs of ageing.

Hydration Test Results: Skin is hydrated for up to 24 hours after use.

    50ml, 1.6 fl.oz


    • DERMAPEP™ - A powerful, brightening ingredient that blocks melanin production
    • CHINESE ROOT EXTRACTS - Inspired by traditional Chinese medicine, these plant derived potent anti-oxidants work in three fold to restore skin’s structure and combat free radicals
    • SODIUM HYALURONATE - Delivers intense hydration, and promotes moisture retention, increasing elasticity for improved lift and tone.
    • ALLANTOIN - reinforces the skin’s structure, improving moisture retention
    • BETAINE - has dual action to calm skin and promote water retention
    • ABYSSINIAN OIL - Obtained from seeds rich in essential fatty acids, to plump fine lines and wrinkles
    • ROSE OTTO OIL - one of the most exclusive and precious oils in the world. It calms, nourishes and soothes skin
    • VITAMIN E - an anti-oxidant to protect against environmental aggressors and prevent premature ageing