EVE LOM Brightening Lotion 120ML
EVE LOM Brightening Lotion 120ML

Brightening Lotion 120ML

An advanced rejuvenating skincare formula that works to correct pigmentation, boost luminosity and refine skin for a visibly brighter and more youthful appearance. Utilising the powers of DERMAPEP ™, which is clinically proven to improve pigmentation and unify skin tone more effectively than any other whitening ingredient. PERFECTION PEPTIDE P3 an active tri-peptide, which has a natural peeling effect, helps renew skin texture and reduce wrinkle depth. A naturally derived MICRO ALGAE EXTRACT enriched with amino acids, increases cell turnover to combat dull skin whilst BETAINE has dual action to calm skin and promote water retention. Scented with ROSE OTTO OIL, with a luxurious fluid milk texture, skin is conditioned and clarified, revealing a more radiant and even toned complexion.


• Corrects pigmentation
• Boosts luminosity
• Refines skin
• Helps reduce wrinkle depth
• Increases cell turnover for a revitalised appearance
• Calms skin
• Promotes hydration within the skin
    120ml, 4.0 fl.oz


    • DERMAPEP™ - A powerful, brightening ingredient that blocks melanin production
    • PERFECTION PEPTIDE P3 - a biologically active tripeptide which has a natural peeling effect speeds up cell renewal, refining skin texture and reducing wrinkle depth, for a more radiant appearance.
    • MICRO ALGAE EXTRACT - a powerful cocktail of amino acids that work to stimulate cell turnover resulting in a more energised complexion.
    • BETAINE - has dual action to calm skin and promote water retention
    • FENNEL EXTRACT - a naturally derived ingredient -renowned for it’s ability to revitalise skin
    • LIQUORICE ROOT EXTRACT - a natural ingredient renowned for its anti-irritant and anti-oxidant benefits
    • ZINC PCA - helps to control sebum production and prevent the breakdown of collagen
    • ROSE OTTO OIL - Renowned for its Soothing and calming properties